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In order to take care of others we have to take care of ourselves.  This, of course, is true for everybody, but unlike most professionals, nurses are in the business of care. This is what we do and we do this every single day.  What's more, as we know, we care for people who are at their most vulnerable and fearful  

So, what's new you may ask?  Well, as healthcare professionals we have never been so challenged (you all know the reasons) to achieve the kind of care we can feel proud of, knowing that at the end of a shift we made the positive difference we came into the profession for.  So, taking care of ourselves has never been more of a struggle either, with the ever increasing pressures stretching well beyond work into all aspects of our family lives too.

Coaching for health is not new, many people seek the help and support of a 'Life Coach' with excellent results.  So why would you choose Positively Focused?  Because, our coaching service is designed to meet the needs of Healthcare Professionals - not just regarding your many work concerns, we can help with all your concerns, the ones at home too!! 

Clients we have supported come to us with a variety of concerns, some below may resonate with you;

I am a Healthcare Professional and I love my job....but I feel overworked, overwhelmed and out of control.  Most days I skip breaks and go home late, too tired to do anything and this is affecting my home life!  I am worn down by the Politics of care and exhausted from the effort it takes to deliver patient care I can feel proud of!  

I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I forgot to do, forgot to hand over.  There never seems to be enough time!  Is it just me?

I love my job.  I am also married with children and I love my family.  I have demands from everybody and there is no time for 'me'  I have some lifestyle issues I want to focus on, but I don't have the time to stop and think about them...something has to change
I am feeling demorolised and exhausted, I have been in General Practice for the past twelve years.  There is just not enough time to properly see patients, the system is at breaking point, I feel out of control and can see nothing changing!

I meet patients who have serious illness often resulting in their life expectancy being limited.  This is emotionally very demanding.  Trouble is, when I get home I often don't have the energy to deal with anything else. Despite all the support from my peers I do struggle with this and it impacts upon me more and more...
I am a clinical leader.  The demands upon me are huge and I am 'fed up' with the Politics of healthcare. I feel 'kicked up the backside and beaten on the head'  I often feel I am going around in circles...something has to change

I am passionate about care quality and standards and work my backside off to create change - but no matter how I try it seems to get no better ........ something has to change


If you have recognise any of these or indeed you have any other concern about your own well being that you feel is being 'swamped' because you spend your days at work considering the well being of others .......... Something has to change

Contact me for further information and enable yourself to see a light at the end of your tunnel ......... make the change!



Positively Focused

Here at Positively Focused we offer a range of Healthcare Management Training and Healthcare Leadership Training by Healthcare Professionals.  Our philosophy is that Excellent Leaders lead Excellent Teams and this ultimately facilitates Excellent Care.  So, this is your vision too!  Why not look look to see how we at Postiively Focused can help you realise your goals. 

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