Clinical Leadership Training

I offer the opportunity to work with your staff at a pace that meets both development needs and at the same time takes account of patient activity and costs.  Your staff are now used to being stretched to capacity, being asked to deliver more for less and you know this is an exhausting challenge with as yet no real sign of slowing down.  At the same time demands for care quality and service excellence are increasing.  Do you need help?


Do you have any of these problems in your team?

  • Care quality is good, sometimes very good or even excellent - though not consistent
  • The relationship across  the Multidisciplinary Team would really benefit from improvement
  • Team spirit is poor with staff feeling demorolised - this impacts upon sickness and turnover rates and ultimately continuity of care and care quality!!
  • The same problems crop up over and over again and this wastes a lot of time and energy
  • Communication is not as it should be and this impacts in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Staff don’t attend meetings because they are seen as a waste of time
  • We have some excellent staff and we also have some who are not
  • Sickness rates, recruitment and or retention are a problem
  • Creating change is met with negativity - it feels like a sea of change, everyone is exhausted by it
  • It’s hard to identify leadership behaviour
  • More time is spent with low performers than high performers and the best staff feel ignored most of the time


 What do you want from your team?

  • Excellent leaders who lead Excellent teams
  • Individuals who communicate at every level, every time to achieve excellent care for the patient and job satisfaction for themselves and others
  • A team who work well together, with individuals who take responsibility for making a difference, who demonstrate regard and respect for each other
  • Individuals with the skill and desire to analyse problems and concerns, take responsibility for their own actions and report ongoing concerns so that problems are resolved and this becomes the common expectation across the team
  • Meetings which take place, are skilfully chaired with delegation for action points and time frames for achievement so the service progresses to meet current and future needs of the team
  • Leaders take the time to demonstrate, through their skill, their support of high performers so they do not want to leave
  • Leaders recognise that they create the culture for an excellent team and take appropriate actions to achieve this
  • Leaders fully understand how to implement change through 'sell' not 'tell' models, with consultation to ensure positive change in an appropriate time frame.


In summary:  You know Excellent Leaders lead Excellent Teams and this does not occur by accident!!
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Positively Focused

Here at Positively Focused we offer a range of Healthcare Management Training and Healthcare Leadership Training by Healthcare Professionals.  Our philosophy is that Excellent Leaders lead Excellent Teams and this ultimately facilitates Excellent Care.  So, this is your vision too!  Why not look look to see how we at Postiively Focused can help you realise your goals. 

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