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"I initially met Katy when I attended her Leadership Course some five years ago, it was 'fantastic'.  So I knew exactly who to contact when now as a Director of Nursing services I found  major concerns with a department in my hospital.  I recall saying to Katy 'I have a team that needs some coaching, can you help'  Katy left our first meeting leaving me feeling 'reassured', I was reminded of that same feeling I had during the leadership course.  Her positivity, genuine compassion and passion for healthcare are inspiring to anyone who is privileged to have her on board.  

She initially met the departmental managers , then the key players in each team and so began the coaching sessions.  Some sessions were on site and some via Skype, and this was brilliant since we didn't need to disrupt patient activity at all.  The department is now 'turned around' with incredible growth from individuals we had pretty much given up on!  Katy also helped prepare and support the team through a CQC audit, which I am proud to say they achieved with great success and this has left a significant and positive change within the team who now seek Excellence for themselves.  Optimistic, positive and taking responsibility to steer their own department

I have engaged Katy to work with other teams in my hospital because she totally understands the Business of Healthcare, and staff really enjoy working with her toward success for themselves and their teams and of course ultimately the hospital overall”




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Here at Positively Focused we offer a range of Healthcare Management Training and Healthcare Leadership Training by Healthcare Professionals.  Our philosophy is that Excellent Leaders lead Excellent Teams and this ultimately facilitates Excellent Care.  So, this is your vision too!  Why not look look to see how we at Postiively Focused can help you realise your goals. 

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