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“Katy ran a course called 'Service Excellence' at my hospital and we all had to attend clinical and non clinical, so this included housekeeping and catering staff.   Katy made it great fun, we all had such a laugh and learned a lot at the same time.  We talked about feeling valued and appreciated for the work we do.  Nurses get lots of job satisfaction and everybody knows how important they are.  We, on the otherhand are invisible, nobody really considers us.  What I remember is the challenge I was given to introduce myself by name to my patients, I couldn't imagine saying, good morning I am Maria and I have your breakfast…I thought, they're not interested in me.  After lots of discussion and laughing with my colleagues,  Katy made a deal with me so I agreed give it a go, introduce myself by name every time I walked into a patient room, and then go back six weeks later to tell her how I got on.  

I remember going up to her and she recognised me straightaway, I gave her an envelope and she took out the card.  I watched her face and she looked 'choked' when I said.  In eighteen years I haven't had a 'thank you' card…and now my patients say 'good morning Maria' Even she was surprised at the positive outcome.   I know Katy phoned my manager and he gave me a bunch of daffodils.  Now we all understood what was meant when Katy told us that Behaviour Breeds Behaviour.  This was proof.  The most important thing is that now I know I am important and appreciated but Katy made us believe we mattered and believe in ourselves.”





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Here at Positively Focused we offer a range of Healthcare Management Training and Healthcare Leadership Training by Healthcare Professionals.  Our philosophy is that Excellent Leaders lead Excellent Teams and this ultimately facilitates Excellent Care.  So, this is your vision too!  Why not look look to see how we at Postiively Focused can help you realise your goals. 

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