For most life just happens, trundling or lurching on from one event to another without giving much thought to any of it...and for most part its okay! Until one day we are left thinking -  what was all that all about? What was it all for, this journey of life?  and now what?

Well here I am, just like you, on my 'journey of life' and just like you I am in the business of Healthcare.

Nursing has been my life career! Its all I know...and I know it well! Over the past two decades the business of care has become a Political Ping Pong, We have been demorolised and critisiced for not caring! In my experience, thankfully I rarely meet a healthcare professional who does not care passionately.  What we have is mostly excellent people in a difficult situation.  The Francis Report was damning and yet I am confident that most Senior Nurses I work with would agree, there was little in it we didn't already know. But, here we are! I am not promising to change everything!!  What I can say is, if you care, and we work together, we will make the Positive Defference you are looking for.

Whether in charge of Intensive Care units, leading teams of nurses as a Director of Nursing, at work in the UK or overseas for the NHS or the Private Sector, I have remained wholy connected to what it is that makes us as Healthcare Professionals do what we do.  I only work with people who work in Healthcare!

After thirty years in Hospital employment, I made the decision to work as a Consultant and have been providing training, coaching, mentoring and facilitating through my company Positively Focused for the past twelve years.  My reputation:  Compassionate, Political, Inspiring, Respectful, Strives for Excellence, Tenacious...succeeds with people. 

I am a perceptive and intuitive problem solver with a deep understanding of human behaviours!  In the workplace I respect and will work with each individual on their journey so they arrive at a chosen professional destination. I  reconnect leaders with their teams and support them throughout critical cultural and behavioural change to achieve a vision for themselves, the team, clinical and non clinical, their clients and their organisations.

Intuitively I strive for excellence.  I passionately believe every patient / client has the right to excellent care, and every care provider owns the right to deliver it. What I do is identify the gaps and work with individuals, teams and their leaders to close those gaps and to achieve Service Excellence.

Healthcare professionals all come to work  for the same reasons: 'I love my job'  'I love people'  ' I love helping others' 'I love having a purpose' 'I want to grow personally and professionally and become highly skilled'

When we take the time to look back on our work, we all want to feel the same about the work we did: 'I did a good job' 'I made a difference' 'It mattered that I was there'  'I feel a sense of pride'

If we ask what needs to be in place for this to be achieved, the answer is always the same:   'A great team' ' Strong management and leadership' 'Opportunities to develop' 'Enough time to care'  and 'The occasional thank you'.

Excellent leaders lead excellent teams - you cannot have one without the other!  When we achieve this, we also achieve excellent service to each other as well as to our patients.  The challenge is having all leaders across the organisation and at every level working together in a culture conducive to excellent care.

So, if you are interested in developing either yourself, or your team - let the services of Positively Focused help you.














Positively Focused

Here at Positively Focused we offer a range of Healthcare Management Training and Healthcare Leadership Training by Healthcare Professionals.  Our philosophy is that Excellent Leaders lead Excellent Teams and this ultimately facilitates Excellent Care.  So, this is your vision too!  Why not look look to see how we at Postiively Focused can help you realise your goals. 

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